Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from The Nursery Fairy

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas to all. Thank you very much for all your support over the last 8 months.

We wish you and your families much happiness for the silly season and the new year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2010.

Our hours of operation over the holidays are:

25 Dec - 28 Dec: Closed

29 Dec: 9:30am - 5:00pm

30 Dec: 9:00am-5:00pm

31 Dec: 9:00am-5:00pm

1 Jan - 4 Jan: Closed

5 Jan: 9:30am - 5:00pm

A huge thank you to Fairies Maude & Bobby, Fairy Trina, Fairy Dave, Fairies Bess, Mag & Elsie, and all my family. xx

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Money Boxes

Treehouse, this gear just doesn't go out of style. For the boys we have Dump Truck, Motorbike, & Cement Truck Treehouse Money Boxes are new to our store.
RRP $19.95

One Santa Sack left in stock

Only one Santa sack is left in stock. rrp $29.95

& One snowman - $9.95

We still have our baby bib sets and Letters to Santa envelopes.

7 sleeps to go.....

Santa will be here in 7 Sleeps. Can you believe it?
I was watching the Today Show this morning and Lisa was interviewing Rob from Air Services Australia and they were tracking Santa's Christmas Eve route around the world. On the Air Services Australia website you can go in and enter your childrens names and see if they are on Santa's naughty or nice list. Check it out, very cool.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fairy Bobby

Fairy Bobby is on the mend and doing really well. It will be great to have you working back at Nursery Fairy HQ soon as it will his beautiful girl Maude. We wish you all the best for your up and coming surgery. Love to you both.

Little Moos Pettiskirts

A huge thank you to Jaki at Little Moos for sending out our beautiful range of Pettiskirts for Christmas. They are every little girls dream skirt. We have a variety of different colours available and the Christmas coloured skirts are featured in our store window. Race in to avoid disappointment.
Photo by Skye Rocket Studio Wagga Wagga.
Skye you are a very talented girl. Thank you for capturing my little fairy. Merry Christmas to you.

Just in time for Christmas, back in stock is the full range of colours. Beep Beep, Retro Circles, Falling Leaves, Cherry Delight and Flower Power. $29.95 each.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Nursery Fairy welcomes.....

Mamas & Papas Kingsley & Queeny Bear have hit the shelf this week. These adorable little bear characters come complete in a message box and are the perfect gift this Christmas.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How many sleeps till the fat man in the red suit arrives?

The count down is on. I think it is only 42 sleeps until Santa squeezes down the chimney.
I started my shopping on Monday and I must say I am getting through "THE LIST". I love lists.
I am really looking foward to the magic of Christmas Eve. Did you know that Santa lands his sleigh in our street and stomps snow to everyone's front door. He does REALLY (with the help of a pair of gumboots for the foot prints, an old horse shoe for the reindeer prints, and two long poles for the sleigh tracks and heaps of cheap baby powder from "Clints") It only takes one person in your street to create this, do you reckon your up for the challenge? It is even funnier with a couple of beers under the belt. I think we finished decorating around 1:30am last year. Magic - wouldn't have it anyother way. The looks on the kids faces in the morning - PRICELESS.

Congrats to Trina & her Mum....

The Launch of Indi G clips at the Children's Medical Research Institute Christmas Fair was a HUGE success. Congratulations on all your hard work. The clips are getting fantastic rave reviews. We are really excited to be a part of your adventure. Sky is the limit.

Indi G clips are available in store at The Nursery Fairy. Newly released are great Christmas designs for the silly season. Get in fast they are really popular.

Photo by: Yummy Mummies & Mini Me

Fairy Bobby (hee hee)

Fairy Bobby (he is going to curse me for call him that) has been unwell and in Sydney Hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery. We need our star shop assistant back on board to fill our shop with laughter and fun. Fairy Ains has been looking after the big fella and we look forward to them both returing to Wagga soon. Love to you both. xx

Thursday, November 5, 2009

12 months to go...

Fairy Maude & Fairy Bobbie are getting married in 12 months - yipeeeeeeee!

The wedding preparations are in full swing. We are so excited and can't wait to share their special day next year. Love to you!

It has been crackers here

I have just realised that I haven't popped anything up on the old blog for a while - Sorry. It has been crackers down here at Nursery Fairy HQ. Boxes arriving for Christmas, it is really exciting.
We have so many great new things for Christmas.... watch this space. Hee hee!

Children's Medical Research Institute Chirstmas Fair

It's on again...... The famous and most beautiful Children's Medical Research Institute Christmas Fair at the Race Course. The Nursery Fairy has a stand this year. Fairy Trina and Fairy Bec from "Stick-ups" are working the site pop past and say hello. The Fair is a milestone for me that Christmas is fast approaching. I love all the bits & pieces you find for the perfect gift. A huge thank you to the team behind the CMRI that work so hard to make this great couple of days so successful for everyone. The Fair is Friday from 10am - 6pm and Saturday from 9:30am-4pm. Check it out!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Peanut!

Introducing our new and beloved Peanut!
Peanut comes to us fresh from Mamas & Papas, and joins all his brothers and sisters in store right now!
Peanut is a rocking horse, hmmm make that Rocking Elephant. He stands about 40cms tall and is perfect for the infant from about 9 months.
He has crinkly ears and in this picture they are hiding the wooden handles to take hold of! He has a soft detachable bag for treats and comes already assembled.
I'll be sad to say goodbye to dear Peanut, but i know someone will give him a caring and loving home!

Fairies flying away...

Hey All,
Maude here. Its been pretty hectic recently at the NF.
We will start from the start.
Last weekend we had Kristy Cottrell's baby shower in store. Now it was a lovely day for it, and Kristy and her family and friends had a great time. Kristy had come into the store a few days prior to the shower and picked out the things she wanted for her new baby, and for the nursery. We then set all her choices out on a table, and her guests where then able to see the story that Kristy had going on in her nursery. It's a great idea to be able to pick things out and then just walk out with them. It also takes the pressure off family and friends to pick something that goes with the theme, and what Kristy and her husband will like.
The girls had a great time and played games like The Price is Right, The Peg Game and also the create your own baby game.
It's a great option to have it in store but we can also go to you, your house, your mums house, your aunty (twice removed) house. You name the place, we will be there.
It was so much fun!
Coming to this week, we got some exciting new stock in, which we will post on here over the week, let me tell you, it is so cute, i wish i was that little again! Many great ideas, to suit many different personalities and many different budgets.
So that brings us to this weekend! Fairy Dave and friends, Little Dave (who is expecting his own bundle of joy with beautiful wife Renae) and Dan (who with his beautiful wife Bec, brings us Stick-ups) went on a hot rod run. Wow. It would be so cool, all those beautiful and lovingly restored cars roaring up and down the streets. So Fairy President Jen has her beautiful girls all weekend (girl's weekend)! She also has some Fairy nieces and hopefully a nephew coming to stay, so a big hi to Claudia, Anna and Edward! Also a big hello to Chelsea, Tilly and Oscar who are still in West Wyalong!
And then there is Fairy Bob, who has gone to sydney for 6 weeks to work at a new branch that his company has just taken over. So be safe Bob, i miss you already and love you. Only 364 days until we get married.
So thats all for now, i will post some of the new stylish and fabulously unique posts during the week!
So to everyone, be safe, be happy and be healthy
Love to you all

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deglingos are here

Hey hey, Maude here!
In store, running around as we speak are the Deglingos! From left to right top to bottom, i would like to introduce you to
Bigbos- the wolf, Pikos- the hedgehog, Lapinos- the bunny, Molos- the lobster, Milkos-the cow, Ratos- the rat, Ronronos- the cat, Poilodos- the sheep, Chikos- the hen, Nonos- the dog & Gromos- the bear. These cool little animals like to dress in clothes and speak a language all of thier own. They have thier own little personalities too, with Gromos being the cranky one of the bunch, Molos being the tough guy, Chikos being a bit of a snob, Ronronos being the comic of the bunch, Nonos likes poetry, Lapinos the clumsy one and Bigbos the wolf is the sophisticated one with his beautiful suit. So whether you want to get a deglingo to match your childs personality or one to offer contrast, we have them all in at the store. So drop on down and adopt a Deglingo today!

Maude here

Hey all,
It's Friday today and the weather this morning is quite a bit better than what we have had over the past couple of days! So im in the shop by myself this morning as Bob is at home doing the washing that has been piling up over the wet days......well i hope he is, last i saw of him he was snoring his head off in bed!
Anyway, President Jen and her beautiful family are in Batemans Bay so hopefully the weather comes good for them too. Bob took over from Fairy Trina yesterday and i joined him later in the afternoon after looking at beautiful dresses with my friend Jenna. Why is this relevant you ask? Well Nursery Fairy Maude and Fairy Bob (i think i will get into trouble for calling him that) are getting married in 1 year and 14 days! A fairy wedding! In tropical North Queensland! On a Beach! With all our family and friends! As it gets closer i get more excited. You see, we are going away to get married and with the beautiful place we are staying at all our wedding is pretty much catered/decorated/supplied/orchestrated/done for us. We chose it that way to be a bit different and because i really stress out and shifting the load to someone else whilst i work full time, help out at the Nursery Fairy, go to uni and then live a normal life (housework, socialise, shop etc) was just going to be way too hectic. So i get excited to be able to do the other stuff, like pick out my theme colours and choose my dress and the girls dresses and pick out invites and stuff. And it's now close enough that i can do that!
Anyway, so whilst we are busy at work at the Fairy, please feel free to drop us a line to give us some tips on what you think is cool/good/nifty or thrifty as it always gives good talking points.
Stay tuned for the rest of the day while i introduce to you some of the cool stuff we have instore!
have a good one

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Indi G Pretty Little Things now in Store!

Well it's the new Nursery Fairy Trina here, blogging for the first time!
It's been an exciting week here at the Headquarters for us this week, we launched the new Indi G Pretty Little Things Hair Clips & Accessories on Monday!
We have all sorts of beautiful colours, so you will have to come down and check them out ..... great Christmas Stocking fillers for the little Princesses!
Jen, Dave & the kids are in Batemans Bay for a few days ..... enjoying the beautiful weather, not!
How bad is this weather we're having! It doesn't know what to do, one minute its sunshine, then the next its raining! Oh well ....
Well I'm over and out, Maude and Bob will be in around 12 .... so I will catch you all again when I'm back in on Monday!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Water babies

My little chickens getting ready for a dip in the pool last year.
Bring on the swimming weather this year. It has been soOOooOOo cold over the past couple of days. Can't wait for the warmer days.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini La La Nappies

Just arrived these beautiful Mini Lala Modern Cloth Nappies.
One Size Fits Most pocket nappies are made with stunning designer fabric. They have a hidden waterproof polyurethane laminate layer making them very user friendly (no pins or covers required). Just pop the inserts in, and away you go!
Fitting from Birth through to toilet training they are excellent cost effective option. The a suedecloth inner which draws any moisture away from baby's bottom. They fasten with hook and loop (velcro) so are easily adjustable and simple for anyone to use.
Each nappy comes with two (a large and a small) bamboo inserts. The nappy should fit your baby from around 3.5kg to 15kg.
RRP $35.50 each. They won't last long......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maude's Afternoon at the Shop

Hey all,
Im in the shop this afternoon as President Jen had some business to attend to.
This morning saw Maggie (one of the Nursery Fairy's own poster children) compete in her first athletics carnival. I was a proud Aunty to say the least. She didn't even drop the egg in the egg and spoon race! There was a fair bit of dropping as you can imagine and it's probably lucky that the egg has been replaced by a golf ball in the modern day athletics carnival. She was so happy in her little green T-Shirt and streamers and we were all so happy to be there for her.
All the parents turned up which was great and the school even ran a running race for all the little brothers and sisters who weren't school age yet. Great idea to get them interested. Little three year old twins racing with thier big sister was gorgeous. If only Skye had been there for the picture perfect moments, but the memories will last forever.
Anyway, the shop has been so busy this afternoon. Christmas might still be a little way away yet, but lots of Mums are shopping already and Spring is the season for new bundle's of joy, so lot of little precious ones to look at.
Anyway, i hope you are all keeping safe and well. Ill be back in about 2 weeks, so ill drop you a line or two then.
Til then, i would like to say a big hello to all the nephews and nieces in the family, and know that we are proud of every single one of you
Signing off

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Picture Frames

At home do you have stacks of old timber frames. Dig them out and lets get to it. First find a space and put them in their sizes. Take apart the frame so you only have the timber frame (don't want paint on the glass). Whip down to your local Bunning or Mitre 10 Store and grab some white acrylic water base paint in the Dulux or Wattyl range and start painting. You may need to to a couple of coats on the timber depending on how dark the original colour was. You can add your special touch by hand painting some stripes, spots, stars etc.

Okay now for the fun part. Find another space. Pull out all your favourite pics and lay them out on the table as they would be displayed on the wall. Pick your favourite pictures and match them up to the frame size. You may need to have the photo reprinted to suit the frame. You could also get creative and paint a couple of inserts with blackboard paint and get your little person to create their own picture.

Once the pictures are in the frames now it is time to wack them up. With some small nails and hammer knock yourself up that fabulous feature in your kids room. Picture from

Make the most of a small space

I was searching through the lastest in space saving ideas and came across this great room.

The bunk bed is made by an Italian Company Sangiorgio. You could recreate this idea with a few mods. Start with a light to white colour on the wall. You can bring colour into the room through accessories. Bed with underneath storage one end of the room. Check out, Elfa Shelving from Howards Storage World, Willow Desk from Feedom,
make your own canvas pics and cushions and presto.....

Which one to pick

Skye Rocket Studio has taken some fantastic shots of our girls. I can't choose. What do you think?
The link is
I think Skye has only a couple of spots before Christmas if you are thinking of photo's as pressies this year...... get in quick

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Friends

Isn't it funny how you go in life's circle and find special people in your world.
Lately I have been running into dear friends I haven't seen for ages. These people are friends for life as they don't judge you how many times you haven't picked up the phone to call but have known that you are only a phone call away if you needed them. Love it...... boy this is too heavy for Friday arvo.


I am off to West Wyalong tomorrow for the Day in the Rose Garden Fair.
Heading over with goodies from The Nursery Fairy.
Should be a great day out. Mrs Janice Cattle and the gang have made a HUGE effort to make this happen. Thanks for inviting us along and hope the day goes over and above expectations.

I think I will head out this evening to "Nyrang" the farm and catch up with Mum, Dad and my two beautiful neices Claudi & Anna.


The lovely Maude is back working tomorrow. After working months and months and months of night shifts she's back at the The Nursery Fairy HQ. We love your work Maude and can't wait to see you back in store and see what you pop up on the blog....... Love to you. xx

The Nursery Fairy would like to welcome......

TRINA RYNHART to our team.
Welcome aboard and we look forward to working with you and having heaps of fun along the way.

Babyushka Stretch Wraps

A Womb with a view..... The Nursery Fairy would like to welcome Babyushka to our shelves. Theses beautiful STReeEEeeEEtchyyyyy wraps are the ultimate wrap for baby.
With the dimensions of 80am x 95cm they Stretch up to 160cm. YEY!
The pack of two large wraps are $35.00.
Available in pink/white, Brown/white, Grey/white & Blue/White.
They are 95% cotton/ 5% Elastane.

Friday, September 11, 2009

LIght of the Moon Mamas & Papas

Light of the Moon. The lastest story for Mamas & Papas is starting to roll in the door. Pictured is the Bean Bookend. $59.95

A dear friend of mine told me the other day that if you have an owl in your babies room it helps them sleep.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Your own little space

Arrived this week are the two seat sofas and little retro chairs for your little people.
Single Retro Chair - $135 and Two Seat Sofa - $269
Get your orders in for Christmas to avoid disapointment

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Make your Christmas list today

123 days until the big fat man tries to squeeze down the chimney again.
Make your Christmas list with us now to avoid disappointment.

Little Moos Skirts coming soon

PETTISKIRTS by Little Moos are coming to our store soon. They are set to send your little girls into a spin. We have road tested these babies in a photo shoot with Skye Rocket Studios on the weekend. They are fantastic. They will be in store in 8 weeks and counting. For the Dizzy price of $80.00 a great gift for Christmas.

Play Rugs are in stock

Danish By Design playrugs are now in store.
We currently are stocking the 100 x 150 (RRP:$189.95) Traffic in green and the Playing family in the 100 x 150 (RRP: $189.95) and the 134 x 200 (RRP: $299.95)
The Traffic 100 x 150 rug is in our in store kid play area for you to check out.
These are a great feature in your little peoples rooms. Maybe a Christmas surprise..... Ho HO Ho!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gimmo Night Lights

oooOOOOoooOOOOoooOOOOOooo! No more spooks in the cupboard or under the bed. With the Gimmo night light your little one will sleep soundly.

Lighting up our store we have "Rose" the Cat, "Sparky" the puppy, "Bebe" the Penguin, "Woopie" the Duck, "Blue" the Elephant, "Mozart" the Frog. RRP $44.95

4 Little Ducks

4 Little Ducks has joined our range in store. This great little product has been overwhelmingly popular. The little Velour pram blankets are a must have ($22.00) they are so soft for baby. The gift packs are the die for, little singlet with over pants available in blue, pink and green. They can be brought as seperates from $10.00

Get organised for Chrissy.

The guys at have popped The Nursery Fairy up on their blog, we are so excited about this product it is just fantastic, practical & looks great.

Get rid of the huggies wipes container with the rubber band around it, come in and grab one today. All colours are available in store.

RRP $29.95


Hanging from the shelves this week are the beautiful baby slings from Mini Monkey.

Available in Red, Denim, Army Green & Grey.

These unique baby slings can be used from newborn upt ot 2 years of age (15kg). One size fits all, the easy to use adjustable strap is great for mum and dad. It is 100% cotton and machine washable.

Come in and check out the demo model, don't forget to bring hubby to try it on him as well.

We are really excited about this product, another clever mum working from home.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeling a little tired today from our big weekend away. Loved every minute of it. Found a some new and very exciting products for our store and Christmas. Will keep you posted........
Congratulations to my dearest oldest friend Janet and hubby Guy for the safe arrival of their beautiful little baby boy Darcy. Love to you all and we can't wait to meet him. xx
A very big thank you to our lovely Maude for looking after the reins of the shop for a few days while we hit the big smoke. You have held done an amazing job. We are forever grateful for all your efforts you put into our business. A big thank you & congrats to Bobbie as well for making his first instore sale.
Love the updates on the Blog, you expert. What is this president business?????? giggle giggle.
love to you xx

Hitting our store soon are the Mini Monkey Baby Slings. The Mini Monkey baby sling is a multi-purpose carrier to be used as a front carrier, on the hip and in the playpen. A fantastic little find for us in Melbourne.
We will have Red, Green, Grey & Denim. Prices start at $79.95. Watch this space. They should arrive in store in the next two weeks. Will keep you posted. President Jen (hee hee)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tantrums, no not that kind, the cool kind

If i was still a kid, i would want one of these. My Mum, god love her, sent me to school with the dorkiest green lunch box around. From Tantrums, the coolest lunchboxes ever. Huge in comparison to other lunchboxes, and simply wipes clean, you could spill a toxic mess (or smushed sandwiches) in there and it could be back to new within no time. And it keeps your lunch either very cool or very warm, yep its all insulated. Big enough to fit the healthy lunch, fruit, snacks and your drink. Plus they have groovy little charms on full zip, so that little fingers wont have trouble opening them.

Shown here in Oriental, this design also co-ordinates with Tantrums backpacks, overnighters (absolutely huge), cherry bags (handbags for the ultra cool under ten) compacts and much more.

Tantrums also have so many other great original designs including Cowgirls, Cowboys, Pink Polkadots and heaps more, so drop into the store to make sure your kids have the coolest gear in town, and all for a great price.


I firmly believe that life is fleeting and it is only emphasized upon the birth of a child. No sooner have you cut the umbilical cord than its they have cut their first tooth, or walked their first step, celebrated thier first birthday, strung together their first sentence. So for the so many firsts they experience Pepperpot have come up with a great range of Record Books. And it doesn't matter if you know what they are having or not. They come in the Sweet Pea range, the Green with Orange trim shown here, the Oliver's Nursery range with the blue and taupe and the Molly's Nursery Range with the pink and cream. They are gorgeous gift ideas and cater to everyone's tastes.
Each book allows you to follow progress with your own inputs and have spaces for photos, paper clippings certificates and much more.
So if you believe time is fleeting, grab one of these books to record all those special moments, no sooner will you have done it than you'll be reading it to your grandchildren.

Maude's last day

Another bleak morning in Wagga Wagga. Maybe President Jen will bring favourable weather back from Melbourne with her... but im not sure of the last time Melbourne ever had favourable weather. Its been a great couple of days in the shop and i have had so much fun. Not only do i really love all the products we have in store, i love watching mums decide on a theme, or aunts and uncles pick out presents and big brothers and sisters eyes lighting up when they find something they really like.
So ill round out today with a few more posts about my favourite things. Wishing you a great day and stay tuned for some great new stuff from President Jen.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stuff for Mums

Maude again. At the Nursery Fairy, its not just about the kids. We have a large range of products for Mum too. One of my favourites comes from Willow & Finch. Now these guys have come up with a line of couture beauty products, with my favourite being pictured here. The Vanilla Snowpeach Body Butter.
Also in this great range is a Handcream, Soap, Room Spray, and a Scented Candle, which holds it scent from first burning right to the end.
Willow & Finch also have all these products in the Sparkling Green Tea and Cherry Blossom ranges. The Sparkling Green Tea happens to be a favourite of President Fairy Jen and her home is beautifully perfumed by this fresh and invigorating scent. The Cherry Blossom is also a beautiful fragrance, favoured by many in the Store.
So for a quality beauty product at a great price, call in to the shop and we will do our best to serve you. Willow & Finch will have something to suit everyone's need.

Maude again

Hey hey,
So yesterday went on without a hitch, fun fun organising the product and displays. Phone call from President Jen and she is having fun and enjoying her time in Melbourne, lets hope she finds heaps of cool stuff! Second day is off to a chilly start but fingers crossed the rain will go away and bring out the sun.


Congratulations to Bec & Dan from Stick-Ups.
First sale in store today of not 1, not 2, but 3 double sided sets of thier stick-up wall stickers.

No sooner had we placed them on the shelf than they flew off.

Great Product, fully removable and repostional, available in a wide range of themes with vibrant colours and outstanding motifs.

We should mention that these are designed and produced by Bec and Dan. From start to finish, its great to see that these two Aussies have talent and flair and the Nursery Fairy is proud to be associated with them.

Stick-ups also have name plaques made to order specially for you and height charts in different deisgns to mark your kid's milestones. For me, you could lop off above the 1m mark.

Stick-Ups website is currently under construction, but stay tuned and we will activate a link as soon as it's up and running!! In the meantime, get down to the store to see the whole range.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keepsake vs Practicality

Now when buying gifts for little people, or thier beloved parents after a birth, there is always a common dilemma... Do i get something practical or something they can keep? There is no easy answer, so at the Nursery Fairy, we give you the best of both worlds.
Introducing Barnaby Bear with 'My 1st Photo' frame!!

Barnaby comes to us from Mamas & Papas and is a hardwearing, adorable little man. He comes with a detachable photo frame for your little ones first photo. Use him as a comforter for your baby and when little one grows up and doesn't play with teddy's anymore, simply re-attach the photo frame in the easy manner and sit him on the shelf to display bub's first photo, which may even include our dear little Barnaby

Maude the Fairy's Favourite Products

Hey everyone, Maude here

Now ill introduce you to my favourite products,

These are just a few of the Mini Lakeland range that is currently instore!! These are from the Boys Range and if your after style and practicality you cant go past them. The range is great and grows with your bouncing, bubbly, boisterous baby boy. Great news is we can get them in Cot Set, King Single and with decorative bunting, so the whole room in catered for. All sizes are very generous and the king single is about as big as a Double!! Mini Lakeland do co-ordinating cushions in many designs and the Little Ladies aren't left out with a huge range tailroed to them also. Your little princess can be draped in flowers, pretty pink, precious paisley patterns or lemon sorbet. So many gorgeous choices.

Remember that for co-ordinates and room accessories drop into the specialists at the Nursery Fairy and we'll hook you up.

Fairy flies off to Melbourne

Fairy President Jenny has travelled to Melbourne for a Home & Gift Fair to source more products for the shop and make some connections in the business world!!! How exciting!

We hope that she takes the nasty weather with her, and lets the sun come out to shine at the Nursery Fairy Head Quarters!!

Trainee Fairy Maude is in the shop for the rest of the week so look forward to some blogs on her days!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Essential Posy - by Baby Cupcakes
This beautiful little bunch includes:
Jumpsuit, 3 x pair of socks, Baby singlet & Bib
RRP $54.95

Sunday, July 12, 2009 has hit the shelves

The Beep Beep, Flower Power, & Retro Circles designs have hit the shelves. You can also purchase them on line at

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Henschke Social Night

How about the Henschke social night on Saturday. I had a blast. It was great to see faces I hadn't caught up with for ages. Must admit that I ended up on the couch for a few hours on Sunday recovering.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have you seen these.....

These have to be the coolest idea. The baby chair that goes everywhere. Don't know about you but I cringe when I heading out for a coffee and need to use the public high chairs. This chair is fabulous. It prevents the sanitising routine. It folds up into a small bag.
Great for the Granny's... you can have a high chair in your top draw. RRP $39.95, in store we have orange, blue & green available.

BACK IN STOCK..... the beautiful shower caps are back in stock. Butterfly Swirl or Izzy Pink.

Sneak that extra layer on the kids

Huggerlugs. Great way to beat the winter chill this year. Grab a pair of Huggalugs for the kids. RRP $16.50. Available in all different colours like red & white stripe, choc/ pink stripe, rockets, pirates, even lady beetles.
Online or instore now!

Mini la la clips - recommended by Skye from Skye Rocket Studio. I have road tested these little babies - they are great! They manage to stay in my little "twisters" fine hair all day. RRP $11.95 for 6 clips. Lots of cool colours. Mini lala nappies - coming soon to The Nursery Fairy.

BUMP HUGGERS. These are great! They extend the use of your normal trousers when you are pregnant. RRP $29.95, lots of different colours - red, sky blue, black, brown....

Look what has just arrived. Our little lampshades have been really popular. You can change the look of your kids room by adding a different lampshade to suit your exisitng decor. The lampshades start from $59.95 upwards and the lampbases are available in white or a very dark timber colour (almost black).

Three Boxes

Do you get into your kids rooms sometimes and nearly pull your hair out? So much stuff, nowhere to put it, where do you start. Well try this. All you need is three boxes marked KEEP<>
Take one thing at a time and decide which box the item should go in. ie: keep the keepers, toss the tossers and then go through the maybe's again when the kids have left the room. Presto you will have it all sorted before you know it. Have fun.

The Nursery Fairy welcomes "Bibble" to our store

This nifty little idea comes from one our our local mums. Bibble the bib for dribble. What is the Bibble. It is a fabric cover for your baby carrier, like the Baby Bjorn, which saves you washing your carrier everytime your bub has a little chuckie. Check it out in store.


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