Friday, July 31, 2009


I firmly believe that life is fleeting and it is only emphasized upon the birth of a child. No sooner have you cut the umbilical cord than its they have cut their first tooth, or walked their first step, celebrated thier first birthday, strung together their first sentence. So for the so many firsts they experience Pepperpot have come up with a great range of Record Books. And it doesn't matter if you know what they are having or not. They come in the Sweet Pea range, the Green with Orange trim shown here, the Oliver's Nursery range with the blue and taupe and the Molly's Nursery Range with the pink and cream. They are gorgeous gift ideas and cater to everyone's tastes.
Each book allows you to follow progress with your own inputs and have spaces for photos, paper clippings certificates and much more.
So if you believe time is fleeting, grab one of these books to record all those special moments, no sooner will you have done it than you'll be reading it to your grandchildren.

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