Friday, July 31, 2009

Tantrums, no not that kind, the cool kind

If i was still a kid, i would want one of these. My Mum, god love her, sent me to school with the dorkiest green lunch box around. From Tantrums, the coolest lunchboxes ever. Huge in comparison to other lunchboxes, and simply wipes clean, you could spill a toxic mess (or smushed sandwiches) in there and it could be back to new within no time. And it keeps your lunch either very cool or very warm, yep its all insulated. Big enough to fit the healthy lunch, fruit, snacks and your drink. Plus they have groovy little charms on full zip, so that little fingers wont have trouble opening them.

Shown here in Oriental, this design also co-ordinates with Tantrums backpacks, overnighters (absolutely huge), cherry bags (handbags for the ultra cool under ten) compacts and much more.

Tantrums also have so many other great original designs including Cowgirls, Cowboys, Pink Polkadots and heaps more, so drop into the store to make sure your kids have the coolest gear in town, and all for a great price.


I firmly believe that life is fleeting and it is only emphasized upon the birth of a child. No sooner have you cut the umbilical cord than its they have cut their first tooth, or walked their first step, celebrated thier first birthday, strung together their first sentence. So for the so many firsts they experience Pepperpot have come up with a great range of Record Books. And it doesn't matter if you know what they are having or not. They come in the Sweet Pea range, the Green with Orange trim shown here, the Oliver's Nursery range with the blue and taupe and the Molly's Nursery Range with the pink and cream. They are gorgeous gift ideas and cater to everyone's tastes.
Each book allows you to follow progress with your own inputs and have spaces for photos, paper clippings certificates and much more.
So if you believe time is fleeting, grab one of these books to record all those special moments, no sooner will you have done it than you'll be reading it to your grandchildren.

Maude's last day

Another bleak morning in Wagga Wagga. Maybe President Jen will bring favourable weather back from Melbourne with her... but im not sure of the last time Melbourne ever had favourable weather. Its been a great couple of days in the shop and i have had so much fun. Not only do i really love all the products we have in store, i love watching mums decide on a theme, or aunts and uncles pick out presents and big brothers and sisters eyes lighting up when they find something they really like.
So ill round out today with a few more posts about my favourite things. Wishing you a great day and stay tuned for some great new stuff from President Jen.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stuff for Mums

Maude again. At the Nursery Fairy, its not just about the kids. We have a large range of products for Mum too. One of my favourites comes from Willow & Finch. Now these guys have come up with a line of couture beauty products, with my favourite being pictured here. The Vanilla Snowpeach Body Butter.
Also in this great range is a Handcream, Soap, Room Spray, and a Scented Candle, which holds it scent from first burning right to the end.
Willow & Finch also have all these products in the Sparkling Green Tea and Cherry Blossom ranges. The Sparkling Green Tea happens to be a favourite of President Fairy Jen and her home is beautifully perfumed by this fresh and invigorating scent. The Cherry Blossom is also a beautiful fragrance, favoured by many in the Store.
So for a quality beauty product at a great price, call in to the shop and we will do our best to serve you. Willow & Finch will have something to suit everyone's need.

Maude again

Hey hey,
So yesterday went on without a hitch, fun fun organising the product and displays. Phone call from President Jen and she is having fun and enjoying her time in Melbourne, lets hope she finds heaps of cool stuff! Second day is off to a chilly start but fingers crossed the rain will go away and bring out the sun.


Congratulations to Bec & Dan from Stick-Ups.
First sale in store today of not 1, not 2, but 3 double sided sets of thier stick-up wall stickers.

No sooner had we placed them on the shelf than they flew off.

Great Product, fully removable and repostional, available in a wide range of themes with vibrant colours and outstanding motifs.

We should mention that these are designed and produced by Bec and Dan. From start to finish, its great to see that these two Aussies have talent and flair and the Nursery Fairy is proud to be associated with them.

Stick-ups also have name plaques made to order specially for you and height charts in different deisgns to mark your kid's milestones. For me, you could lop off above the 1m mark.

Stick-Ups website is currently under construction, but stay tuned and we will activate a link as soon as it's up and running!! In the meantime, get down to the store to see the whole range.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keepsake vs Practicality

Now when buying gifts for little people, or thier beloved parents after a birth, there is always a common dilemma... Do i get something practical or something they can keep? There is no easy answer, so at the Nursery Fairy, we give you the best of both worlds.
Introducing Barnaby Bear with 'My 1st Photo' frame!!

Barnaby comes to us from Mamas & Papas and is a hardwearing, adorable little man. He comes with a detachable photo frame for your little ones first photo. Use him as a comforter for your baby and when little one grows up and doesn't play with teddy's anymore, simply re-attach the photo frame in the easy manner and sit him on the shelf to display bub's first photo, which may even include our dear little Barnaby

Maude the Fairy's Favourite Products

Hey everyone, Maude here

Now ill introduce you to my favourite products,

These are just a few of the Mini Lakeland range that is currently instore!! These are from the Boys Range and if your after style and practicality you cant go past them. The range is great and grows with your bouncing, bubbly, boisterous baby boy. Great news is we can get them in Cot Set, King Single and with decorative bunting, so the whole room in catered for. All sizes are very generous and the king single is about as big as a Double!! Mini Lakeland do co-ordinating cushions in many designs and the Little Ladies aren't left out with a huge range tailroed to them also. Your little princess can be draped in flowers, pretty pink, precious paisley patterns or lemon sorbet. So many gorgeous choices.

Remember that for co-ordinates and room accessories drop into the specialists at the Nursery Fairy and we'll hook you up.

Fairy flies off to Melbourne

Fairy President Jenny has travelled to Melbourne for a Home & Gift Fair to source more products for the shop and make some connections in the business world!!! How exciting!

We hope that she takes the nasty weather with her, and lets the sun come out to shine at the Nursery Fairy Head Quarters!!

Trainee Fairy Maude is in the shop for the rest of the week so look forward to some blogs on her days!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Essential Posy - by Baby Cupcakes
This beautiful little bunch includes:
Jumpsuit, 3 x pair of socks, Baby singlet & Bib
RRP $54.95

Sunday, July 12, 2009 has hit the shelves

The Beep Beep, Flower Power, & Retro Circles designs have hit the shelves. You can also purchase them on line at

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Henschke Social Night

How about the Henschke social night on Saturday. I had a blast. It was great to see faces I hadn't caught up with for ages. Must admit that I ended up on the couch for a few hours on Sunday recovering.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have you seen these.....

These have to be the coolest idea. The baby chair that goes everywhere. Don't know about you but I cringe when I heading out for a coffee and need to use the public high chairs. This chair is fabulous. It prevents the sanitising routine. It folds up into a small bag.
Great for the Granny's... you can have a high chair in your top draw. RRP $39.95, in store we have orange, blue & green available.

BACK IN STOCK..... the beautiful shower caps are back in stock. Butterfly Swirl or Izzy Pink.

Sneak that extra layer on the kids

Huggerlugs. Great way to beat the winter chill this year. Grab a pair of Huggalugs for the kids. RRP $16.50. Available in all different colours like red & white stripe, choc/ pink stripe, rockets, pirates, even lady beetles.
Online or instore now!

Mini la la clips - recommended by Skye from Skye Rocket Studio. I have road tested these little babies - they are great! They manage to stay in my little "twisters" fine hair all day. RRP $11.95 for 6 clips. Lots of cool colours. Mini lala nappies - coming soon to The Nursery Fairy.

BUMP HUGGERS. These are great! They extend the use of your normal trousers when you are pregnant. RRP $29.95, lots of different colours - red, sky blue, black, brown....

Look what has just arrived. Our little lampshades have been really popular. You can change the look of your kids room by adding a different lampshade to suit your exisitng decor. The lampshades start from $59.95 upwards and the lampbases are available in white or a very dark timber colour (almost black).

Three Boxes

Do you get into your kids rooms sometimes and nearly pull your hair out? So much stuff, nowhere to put it, where do you start. Well try this. All you need is three boxes marked KEEP<>
Take one thing at a time and decide which box the item should go in. ie: keep the keepers, toss the tossers and then go through the maybe's again when the kids have left the room. Presto you will have it all sorted before you know it. Have fun.

The Nursery Fairy welcomes "Bibble" to our store

This nifty little idea comes from one our our local mums. Bibble the bib for dribble. What is the Bibble. It is a fabric cover for your baby carrier, like the Baby Bjorn, which saves you washing your carrier everytime your bub has a little chuckie. Check it out in store.


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