Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maude's Afternoon at the Shop

Hey all,
Im in the shop this afternoon as President Jen had some business to attend to.
This morning saw Maggie (one of the Nursery Fairy's own poster children) compete in her first athletics carnival. I was a proud Aunty to say the least. She didn't even drop the egg in the egg and spoon race! There was a fair bit of dropping as you can imagine and it's probably lucky that the egg has been replaced by a golf ball in the modern day athletics carnival. She was so happy in her little green T-Shirt and streamers and we were all so happy to be there for her.
All the parents turned up which was great and the school even ran a running race for all the little brothers and sisters who weren't school age yet. Great idea to get them interested. Little three year old twins racing with thier big sister was gorgeous. If only Skye had been there for the picture perfect moments, but the memories will last forever.
Anyway, the shop has been so busy this afternoon. Christmas might still be a little way away yet, but lots of Mums are shopping already and Spring is the season for new bundle's of joy, so lot of little precious ones to look at.
Anyway, i hope you are all keeping safe and well. Ill be back in about 2 weeks, so ill drop you a line or two then.
Til then, i would like to say a big hello to all the nephews and nieces in the family, and know that we are proud of every single one of you
Signing off

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Picture Frames

At home do you have stacks of old timber frames. Dig them out and lets get to it. First find a space and put them in their sizes. Take apart the frame so you only have the timber frame (don't want paint on the glass). Whip down to your local Bunning or Mitre 10 Store and grab some white acrylic water base paint in the Dulux or Wattyl range and start painting. You may need to to a couple of coats on the timber depending on how dark the original colour was. You can add your special touch by hand painting some stripes, spots, stars etc.

Okay now for the fun part. Find another space. Pull out all your favourite pics and lay them out on the table as they would be displayed on the wall. Pick your favourite pictures and match them up to the frame size. You may need to have the photo reprinted to suit the frame. You could also get creative and paint a couple of inserts with blackboard paint and get your little person to create their own picture.

Once the pictures are in the frames now it is time to wack them up. With some small nails and hammer knock yourself up that fabulous feature in your kids room. Picture from 151boutique.com

Make the most of a small space

I was searching through the lastest in space saving ideas and came across this great room.

The bunk bed is made by an Italian Company Sangiorgio. You could recreate this idea with a few mods. Start with a light to white colour on the wall. You can bring colour into the room through accessories. Bed with underneath storage one end of the room. Check out awesomebeds.com.au, Elfa Shelving from Howards Storage World, Willow Desk from Feedom,
make your own canvas pics and cushions and presto.....

Which one to pick

Skye Rocket Studio has taken some fantastic shots of our girls. I can't choose. What do you think?
The link is www.skyerocketstudio.com.au/slideshow/lawrence_0909
I think Skye has only a couple of spots before Christmas if you are thinking of photo's as pressies this year...... get in quick

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Friends

Isn't it funny how you go in life's circle and find special people in your world.
Lately I have been running into dear friends I haven't seen for ages. These people are friends for life as they don't judge you how many times you haven't picked up the phone to call but have known that you are only a phone call away if you needed them. Love it...... boy this is too heavy for Friday arvo.


I am off to West Wyalong tomorrow for the Day in the Rose Garden Fair.
Heading over with goodies from The Nursery Fairy.
Should be a great day out. Mrs Janice Cattle and the gang have made a HUGE effort to make this happen. Thanks for inviting us along and hope the day goes over and above expectations.

I think I will head out this evening to "Nyrang" the farm and catch up with Mum, Dad and my two beautiful neices Claudi & Anna.


The lovely Maude is back working tomorrow. After working months and months and months of night shifts she's back at the The Nursery Fairy HQ. We love your work Maude and can't wait to see you back in store and see what you pop up on the blog....... Love to you. xx

The Nursery Fairy would like to welcome......

TRINA RYNHART to our team.
Welcome aboard and we look forward to working with you and having heaps of fun along the way.

Babyushka Stretch Wraps

A Womb with a view..... The Nursery Fairy would like to welcome Babyushka to our shelves. Theses beautiful STReeEEeeEEtchyyyyy wraps are the ultimate wrap for baby.
With the dimensions of 80am x 95cm they Stretch up to 160cm. YEY!
The pack of two large wraps are $35.00.
Available in pink/white, Brown/white, Grey/white & Blue/White.
They are 95% cotton/ 5% Elastane.

Friday, September 11, 2009

LIght of the Moon Mamas & Papas

Light of the Moon. The lastest story for Mamas & Papas is starting to roll in the door. Pictured is the Bean Bookend. $59.95

A dear friend of mine told me the other day that if you have an owl in your babies room it helps them sleep.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Your own little space

Arrived this week are the two seat sofas and little retro chairs for your little people.
Single Retro Chair - $135 and Two Seat Sofa - $269
Get your orders in for Christmas to avoid disapointment


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