Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maude's Afternoon at the Shop

Hey all,
Im in the shop this afternoon as President Jen had some business to attend to.
This morning saw Maggie (one of the Nursery Fairy's own poster children) compete in her first athletics carnival. I was a proud Aunty to say the least. She didn't even drop the egg in the egg and spoon race! There was a fair bit of dropping as you can imagine and it's probably lucky that the egg has been replaced by a golf ball in the modern day athletics carnival. She was so happy in her little green T-Shirt and streamers and we were all so happy to be there for her.
All the parents turned up which was great and the school even ran a running race for all the little brothers and sisters who weren't school age yet. Great idea to get them interested. Little three year old twins racing with thier big sister was gorgeous. If only Skye had been there for the picture perfect moments, but the memories will last forever.
Anyway, the shop has been so busy this afternoon. Christmas might still be a little way away yet, but lots of Mums are shopping already and Spring is the season for new bundle's of joy, so lot of little precious ones to look at.
Anyway, i hope you are all keeping safe and well. Ill be back in about 2 weeks, so ill drop you a line or two then.
Til then, i would like to say a big hello to all the nephews and nieces in the family, and know that we are proud of every single one of you
Signing off

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