Friday, February 26, 2010

Make me over.....

#1-Get back to basics... what do i absolutely need in this room? Remember this will vary depending on age, the room size, layout, lighting and whether it is a shared room or not. Bed/Cot, check. Lamp, check. Drawers/change table, check. Curtains, check. Clutter is not your friend, when stumbling in at 2am to a crying child, tripping and stubbing your toe on furniture can only cause more drama. Therefore remember to utilise the walls, as the more space you have in the room means the more play space/room to move the kids will have. Remember key pieces will last through all your babies, so choose products that are good quality and will not age.
#2-Colour me happy... Draw your inspiration from colours you like. When thinking colour, remember that you can go more than one way. The theme colour can be two or three pieces that contrast the others, or alternatively you can go for different tones of the same colour. Feature walls, or friezes are good ideas, but remember that in 4 years, will your child still be all about baby caterpillars? (plus having lived in a heritage listed house, TRUST ME, wallpaper is time consuming and messy to get off) Colours will be pulled through the paint, the furnishings and add texture and depth. It is also the easiest way to develop a theme. If all else fails, think back to the basics.
#3- Same or different??? Do you match or do you contrast? Remember it is a lot easier to match or contrast from the biggest piece in the room. Perhaps the bed or cot. Don't be afraid to do a makeover on this item as it changes hands from toddler to baby. It's also a fun way to get what you want at a fraction of the price. If you are hardware impaired like me, just jump on the net and google it. So many helpful websites can help you achieve the finished product. Also remember to use products that won't flake or scratch off. If you need any help, remember Nursery Fairy Dave is one of those handyman types who can give you some great advice!
#4- Accessorise this! Now find your accessories. Mobiles, paintings, cushions, stickers, clocks etc. You can find so many different things at many places, and often places you would never even think to look. Try web shopping if your time is too precious to spend looking in shop after shop. is an awesome website dedicated to helping you achieve the look you want and we have all our instore products on our site!
#5- Just a few last notes, Remember never discount anything handed down, as you may never know when it comes in handy. There are a lot of bargains out there, but don't get bogged down in the useless or fad type things, remember a bargain is not a bargain unless you use it. And if all else fails, Jen, Trina, Jude and myself are more than happy for you to drop into us at the shop to help you think of some awesome and everlasting decor options.
Hope this helps a little, of course i could go on and on, if you have any more questions just drop us a line and ask, we are, as always more than willing to help!
All my love and inspiration.... Maude

Maude Here!

Hey Guys,
Jen's ducked off to the Sydney Gift Fair to source some more beautiful and quirky products for the NF, so Maude's in charge. Oh, how i miss this place, haven't been here for a while and i always love discovering the new products, plus chatting to the ladies that come in, talking about thier themes and ideas. Not only does it give me inspiration, but i love the way a niggle can evolve into gorgeous decor. In the midst of the chaos and choices it can get a little overwhelming, so i'll note a few tips down to help you on your way, remember with kids, often the simpler the idea, the more they like it.
Stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Congratulations to Dave & Renae

OMG... this has to be the most beautiful moment that happened in the kaos on the weekend. Our dear friends Dave & Nae brought a precious little baby girl into the world in the early hours of Saturday morning. Imogen Callinan has arrived and she is just divine. Elsie was really chuffed as she was born on her birthday. Congratulations beautiful people. Can't wait to watch your little girl grow. XX

Special mention

On friday night just before the big move we were invited for a farewell/drinks with our neighbours Annemaree & Craig. We had a ball as we usually do. I must admit I should've re-thought the last drink and should've stopped singing when I attempted a Dixie Chicks anthem and my head would not have been ringing on Saturday for the big move. OMG I was soOOoo sick. Going to miss them terribly. Beer $40, Pizza $40, outfit $0 (just jeans & top from the cupboard - thought I would just add that in cause you need a couple of examples before...), night out with Annemaree & Craig....... priceless. Love ya's.

Amongst the move...

It was Elsie's 4th Birthday on Saturday. Thanks goodness for Grandma's, Grandpa's, Nana's & Aunties & Uncles & very special neighbours that helped us make our crazy day a special one for our little darling girl. This is little Alice helping Elsie celebrate her big day.Happy Birthday Elsie Belle. We love you!

Ahhhh.... we have moved in

Finally moving day has come and passed and we are in our beautiful home. What a shocker of a job that moving is. I don't EVER want to do it again.
I had a few tears leaving Croaker St. I watch my piano being carried to the front door, then loaded onto the trailer, driven down Bourke St, yes it made it around the roundabouts, then up the steep driveway, carried from the backdoor into the living area and safe. Ahhh! I know that Dad, Dave, Canon, & Tuck will NEVER put their hands up again to help move it again - heavy as anything. This was the point I started to shed the tears with video camera in hand to capture any potential accidents in the front of Dad's ute. We have had so many happy memories there and we wish the new little family all the very best and know that they will be as happy there as we have been. xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Coming soon

Lady Bump roll over shorts & pants coming soon to Nursery Fairy HQ. These Yummy Mummies & Mini Me creation are a great little essential addition to your maternal wardrobe can be worn pre and post baby.

I believe they are sooOOOoo comfortable to wear and stretch with you and your bumpy bits. They can be pulled up over your tummy or folded down. Colours being black or brown will go with any top and sizing from 8-16.

Welcome to the shelves....Pretty Pacified

Extra extra read all about it!!!!!! Our very creative Mum, Karen from Pretty Pacified has created some great new ribbon styles for her fabulous dummy clips in stock at Nursery Fairy HQ. These essential little outfit finishing extra are $14.00 and are featuring in our front window this week, check them out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taylor Swift concert

Had to share this pic. Bess, Mag & I travelled down to see Taylor Swift in concert Saturday night. OMG.... it was fantastic. The cheering of the croud was out of this world not to mention the screams from our little chic's. I wish I had a bottle to capture the excitement and cheer the of Bess & Mag. When Taylor came out on stage they jumped to their feet and started screaming and didn't sit down all night. Danced their little socks off. It was sooOOo funny & beautiful to watch.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check this out: The Crea Lamp

We'd like to welcome to the shelves the Crea Lamp by Danish by Design.

What a cracker of an idea. For the Piccaso's in the family to display there art work or maybe your favourtie photo. You simply slide the artwork between two transparent panels that form the shade (A4 paper) and pop into place and you have your perfect display.

You can be hang in either portrait or landscape position. Great for all ages in the nursery, bedroom or living room or what about for the grandparents. Maggie recieved one of these from Santa this year. Love it!

Pictures: Danish by Design

Found it!

I am really excited to say that we have found a new home.

It has soooOOOOo much space we won't know ourselves. A Paul Watson built home it is just beautiful. Can't wait to get there. I am a bit over living umongst boxes. Here is a sneak peak.

Elsie is asking everyday "when are we going to the new house?" answer: 22 sleeps!

I can see some serious sock sliding going on on these floors.

I need to purchase some breakfast bar stools. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Fairy Trina is off to Fiji next week for a few days. A well deserved break.
Plenty of rest & relaxation coming your way. Can't wait to see the pics of the fire walking, carver drinking and grass skirt dancing. Lol. Have a fab time!


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