Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ahhhh.... we have moved in

Finally moving day has come and passed and we are in our beautiful home. What a shocker of a job that moving is. I don't EVER want to do it again.
I had a few tears leaving Croaker St. I watch my piano being carried to the front door, then loaded onto the trailer, driven down Bourke St, yes it made it around the roundabouts, then up the steep driveway, carried from the backdoor into the living area and safe. Ahhh! I know that Dad, Dave, Canon, & Tuck will NEVER put their hands up again to help move it again - heavy as anything. This was the point I started to shed the tears with video camera in hand to capture any potential accidents in the front of Dad's ute. We have had so many happy memories there and we wish the new little family all the very best and know that they will be as happy there as we have been. xx

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