Friday, February 26, 2010

Make me over.....

#1-Get back to basics... what do i absolutely need in this room? Remember this will vary depending on age, the room size, layout, lighting and whether it is a shared room or not. Bed/Cot, check. Lamp, check. Drawers/change table, check. Curtains, check. Clutter is not your friend, when stumbling in at 2am to a crying child, tripping and stubbing your toe on furniture can only cause more drama. Therefore remember to utilise the walls, as the more space you have in the room means the more play space/room to move the kids will have. Remember key pieces will last through all your babies, so choose products that are good quality and will not age.
#2-Colour me happy... Draw your inspiration from colours you like. When thinking colour, remember that you can go more than one way. The theme colour can be two or three pieces that contrast the others, or alternatively you can go for different tones of the same colour. Feature walls, or friezes are good ideas, but remember that in 4 years, will your child still be all about baby caterpillars? (plus having lived in a heritage listed house, TRUST ME, wallpaper is time consuming and messy to get off) Colours will be pulled through the paint, the furnishings and add texture and depth. It is also the easiest way to develop a theme. If all else fails, think back to the basics.
#3- Same or different??? Do you match or do you contrast? Remember it is a lot easier to match or contrast from the biggest piece in the room. Perhaps the bed or cot. Don't be afraid to do a makeover on this item as it changes hands from toddler to baby. It's also a fun way to get what you want at a fraction of the price. If you are hardware impaired like me, just jump on the net and google it. So many helpful websites can help you achieve the finished product. Also remember to use products that won't flake or scratch off. If you need any help, remember Nursery Fairy Dave is one of those handyman types who can give you some great advice!
#4- Accessorise this! Now find your accessories. Mobiles, paintings, cushions, stickers, clocks etc. You can find so many different things at many places, and often places you would never even think to look. Try web shopping if your time is too precious to spend looking in shop after shop. is an awesome website dedicated to helping you achieve the look you want and we have all our instore products on our site!
#5- Just a few last notes, Remember never discount anything handed down, as you may never know when it comes in handy. There are a lot of bargains out there, but don't get bogged down in the useless or fad type things, remember a bargain is not a bargain unless you use it. And if all else fails, Jen, Trina, Jude and myself are more than happy for you to drop into us at the shop to help you think of some awesome and everlasting decor options.
Hope this helps a little, of course i could go on and on, if you have any more questions just drop us a line and ask, we are, as always more than willing to help!
All my love and inspiration.... Maude

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