Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Picture Frames

At home do you have stacks of old timber frames. Dig them out and lets get to it. First find a space and put them in their sizes. Take apart the frame so you only have the timber frame (don't want paint on the glass). Whip down to your local Bunning or Mitre 10 Store and grab some white acrylic water base paint in the Dulux or Wattyl range and start painting. You may need to to a couple of coats on the timber depending on how dark the original colour was. You can add your special touch by hand painting some stripes, spots, stars etc.

Okay now for the fun part. Find another space. Pull out all your favourite pics and lay them out on the table as they would be displayed on the wall. Pick your favourite pictures and match them up to the frame size. You may need to have the photo reprinted to suit the frame. You could also get creative and paint a couple of inserts with blackboard paint and get your little person to create their own picture.

Once the pictures are in the frames now it is time to wack them up. With some small nails and hammer knock yourself up that fabulous feature in your kids room. Picture from

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