Friday, July 31, 2009

Tantrums, no not that kind, the cool kind

If i was still a kid, i would want one of these. My Mum, god love her, sent me to school with the dorkiest green lunch box around. From Tantrums, the coolest lunchboxes ever. Huge in comparison to other lunchboxes, and simply wipes clean, you could spill a toxic mess (or smushed sandwiches) in there and it could be back to new within no time. And it keeps your lunch either very cool or very warm, yep its all insulated. Big enough to fit the healthy lunch, fruit, snacks and your drink. Plus they have groovy little charms on full zip, so that little fingers wont have trouble opening them.

Shown here in Oriental, this design also co-ordinates with Tantrums backpacks, overnighters (absolutely huge), cherry bags (handbags for the ultra cool under ten) compacts and much more.

Tantrums also have so many other great original designs including Cowgirls, Cowboys, Pink Polkadots and heaps more, so drop into the store to make sure your kids have the coolest gear in town, and all for a great price.

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