Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stuff for Mums

Maude again. At the Nursery Fairy, its not just about the kids. We have a large range of products for Mum too. One of my favourites comes from Willow & Finch. Now these guys have come up with a line of couture beauty products, with my favourite being pictured here. The Vanilla Snowpeach Body Butter.
Also in this great range is a Handcream, Soap, Room Spray, and a Scented Candle, which holds it scent from first burning right to the end.
Willow & Finch also have all these products in the Sparkling Green Tea and Cherry Blossom ranges. The Sparkling Green Tea happens to be a favourite of President Fairy Jen and her home is beautifully perfumed by this fresh and invigorating scent. The Cherry Blossom is also a beautiful fragrance, favoured by many in the Store.
So for a quality beauty product at a great price, call in to the shop and we will do our best to serve you. Willow & Finch will have something to suit everyone's need.

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