Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deglingos are here

Hey hey, Maude here!
In store, running around as we speak are the Deglingos! From left to right top to bottom, i would like to introduce you to
Bigbos- the wolf, Pikos- the hedgehog, Lapinos- the bunny, Molos- the lobster, Milkos-the cow, Ratos- the rat, Ronronos- the cat, Poilodos- the sheep, Chikos- the hen, Nonos- the dog & Gromos- the bear. These cool little animals like to dress in clothes and speak a language all of thier own. They have thier own little personalities too, with Gromos being the cranky one of the bunch, Molos being the tough guy, Chikos being a bit of a snob, Ronronos being the comic of the bunch, Nonos likes poetry, Lapinos the clumsy one and Bigbos the wolf is the sophisticated one with his beautiful suit. So whether you want to get a deglingo to match your childs personality or one to offer contrast, we have them all in at the store. So drop on down and adopt a Deglingo today!

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