Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maude here

Hey all,
It's Friday today and the weather this morning is quite a bit better than what we have had over the past couple of days! So im in the shop by myself this morning as Bob is at home doing the washing that has been piling up over the wet days......well i hope he is, last i saw of him he was snoring his head off in bed!
Anyway, President Jen and her beautiful family are in Batemans Bay so hopefully the weather comes good for them too. Bob took over from Fairy Trina yesterday and i joined him later in the afternoon after looking at beautiful dresses with my friend Jenna. Why is this relevant you ask? Well Nursery Fairy Maude and Fairy Bob (i think i will get into trouble for calling him that) are getting married in 1 year and 14 days! A fairy wedding! In tropical North Queensland! On a Beach! With all our family and friends! As it gets closer i get more excited. You see, we are going away to get married and with the beautiful place we are staying at all our wedding is pretty much catered/decorated/supplied/orchestrated/done for us. We chose it that way to be a bit different and because i really stress out and shifting the load to someone else whilst i work full time, help out at the Nursery Fairy, go to uni and then live a normal life (housework, socialise, shop etc) was just going to be way too hectic. So i get excited to be able to do the other stuff, like pick out my theme colours and choose my dress and the girls dresses and pick out invites and stuff. And it's now close enough that i can do that!
Anyway, so whilst we are busy at work at the Fairy, please feel free to drop us a line to give us some tips on what you think is cool/good/nifty or thrifty as it always gives good talking points.
Stay tuned for the rest of the day while i introduce to you some of the cool stuff we have instore!
have a good one


  1. I was on SkyeRocket blog and she posted about a wedding that had a candy bar!!! YUM that is a cool idea.

    Good idea I did at my wedding - instead of sending thankyous I burned a cd with all our wedding songs and wrote the thankyou on the cd label I printed along with the names of the songs ect.

  2. Thanks Justine, great idea about the CD's, we have actually spoken about that as a Thankyou idea, and now we know its possible.
    And the candybar idea, as a choc-oholic and sugar addict it sounds really fun, plus the little ones will enjoy it too, which is really important to me to get them into it. Thanks Again



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