Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairies flying away...

Hey All,
Maude here. Its been pretty hectic recently at the NF.
We will start from the start.
Last weekend we had Kristy Cottrell's baby shower in store. Now it was a lovely day for it, and Kristy and her family and friends had a great time. Kristy had come into the store a few days prior to the shower and picked out the things she wanted for her new baby, and for the nursery. We then set all her choices out on a table, and her guests where then able to see the story that Kristy had going on in her nursery. It's a great idea to be able to pick things out and then just walk out with them. It also takes the pressure off family and friends to pick something that goes with the theme, and what Kristy and her husband will like.
The girls had a great time and played games like The Price is Right, The Peg Game and also the create your own baby game.
It's a great option to have it in store but we can also go to you, your house, your mums house, your aunty (twice removed) house. You name the place, we will be there.
It was so much fun!
Coming to this week, we got some exciting new stock in, which we will post on here over the week, let me tell you, it is so cute, i wish i was that little again! Many great ideas, to suit many different personalities and many different budgets.
So that brings us to this weekend! Fairy Dave and friends, Little Dave (who is expecting his own bundle of joy with beautiful wife Renae) and Dan (who with his beautiful wife Bec, brings us Stick-ups) went on a hot rod run. Wow. It would be so cool, all those beautiful and lovingly restored cars roaring up and down the streets. So Fairy President Jen has her beautiful girls all weekend (girl's weekend)! She also has some Fairy nieces and hopefully a nephew coming to stay, so a big hi to Claudia, Anna and Edward! Also a big hello to Chelsea, Tilly and Oscar who are still in West Wyalong!
And then there is Fairy Bob, who has gone to sydney for 6 weeks to work at a new branch that his company has just taken over. So be safe Bob, i miss you already and love you. Only 364 days until we get married.
So thats all for now, i will post some of the new stylish and fabulously unique posts during the week!
So to everyone, be safe, be happy and be healthy
Love to you all

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