Thursday, November 12, 2009

How many sleeps till the fat man in the red suit arrives?

The count down is on. I think it is only 42 sleeps until Santa squeezes down the chimney.
I started my shopping on Monday and I must say I am getting through "THE LIST". I love lists.
I am really looking foward to the magic of Christmas Eve. Did you know that Santa lands his sleigh in our street and stomps snow to everyone's front door. He does REALLY (with the help of a pair of gumboots for the foot prints, an old horse shoe for the reindeer prints, and two long poles for the sleigh tracks and heaps of cheap baby powder from "Clints") It only takes one person in your street to create this, do you reckon your up for the challenge? It is even funnier with a couple of beers under the belt. I think we finished decorating around 1:30am last year. Magic - wouldn't have it anyother way. The looks on the kids faces in the morning - PRICELESS.

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