Friday, November 19, 2010

Up for grabs

It has been two weeks since our initial anouncement that we are selling the Nursery Fairy and making a much needed lifestyle change. Initially I have felt like I have lost someone who has been such a huge part of my life & I was right. It has been years since Dave, Mick & I decorated little Bella's nursery & our first talks about creating The Nursery Fairy. 3 years online & 2 years in the store and I am so happy with our decision to move on. Not a huge timeline in business I know. I have been given the gift of three beautiful little girls who are growing up so quickly & i need to see that happen & be more of apart of their lives. Not to mention that Dave has a career change coming in the near future on way or another Along with a few other challenges & positives happening in our lives.
I asked my very supportive husband "when was it that you realised that life isn't all about you anymore?" his reponse was "when I won the premiership in Footy & retired from the game from then" ..... I thought about that for a moment, what was happening in our lives then.... the pending birth of our third miricle, our eldest little girl off to school & relocating back to Wagga, his work changing & this was beginning the rest of our lives for him and this moment is the beginning for me.
I have been fortunate enough to have been able to create something so beautiful, live my dream & ride the wave of ups & downs in small business today. I have loved every minute of it. It is time to step back & let someone else take NFHQ to the next level & maybe take on some of the dreams I had for this place. I have had mixed reponse from people, some positives "I am really pleased that you have made that decision", "you won't regret it", "god, don't know how you have done it for this long" "can't wait to see more of you".... some negative "isn't it a shame that it didn't work" being the most common and "you will regret it" . I really appreciate them all. When you decide to do something like this you do factor in what peoples reactions will be & how that will make you feel. One thing I have learnt from the past is that you can't & have no control over what people will say you can only choose which bits you take onboard. In life people will always say things to make you feel good or themselves feel good.
What is around the corner, most asked question over the past two weeks "what are you going to do now?" first thing, have a really long shower & shave my legs properely!

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  1. hehe, oh to have a decent shave!

    we do take onboard what people say and think about our own personal decisions; be it when we retire from a business, name a baby or heck, even forget to send someone a birthday card!

    good luck to you jen, i have enjoyed getting to know you {even if virtually} and your business. i tell you now, if i was back in wagga, i'd be showing a lot of interest in your gorgeous little shop. my dream is to one day too have a pretty little shop i can call a second home!

    all the best xx



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