Monday, September 6, 2010

Over for another year

The cold frosty saturday morning games of netball are finished for another year. Turning up when you haven't quite thawed out, coffee in one hand, the team list with the playing positions written on a shopping docket you found in the bottom of your handbag & the top part of your arms are quickly covering itself with jackets & trackies from the child that is playing the game, so you look like a clothesline, the frost crunching under your feet & a good grey headed samaritan is yelling at you that "you've left your lights on dear" little does he realise they will automatically turn off themselves, but you give him a nice wave thanking him from the hand that has the docket in it so you don't spill that precious & sanity saving coffee as you are telling the kids to hurry as we are running late for our game. Can you relate? Parents do it week after week because we love it. I know I wouldn't have it anyother way. Well done to Bessie Boo who played her little heart out & to our team support Maggie & Elsie for cheering your big sister every week. Our supercoach has done a fantastic job with our little team. Thank you Alex.

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