Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have just experienced the first product being shop lifted from my little store.
I have just googled "shoplifting" and found the following headings: "the art of shoplifting", "shoplifting tips", "shoplifting games" for heavens sake are you serious.
One definition of Shoplifting is "the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store".
Stealing definition is " the act of taking something of someone unlawfully"
Unlawfully is "no conforming to the law"
What is it with people thinking that shoplifiting is okay and that they are above the law.
What about guilt "the state of having committed an offense". What about shame "a painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrasment, unworthiness, or disgrace".
The next time you shoplifters out there walk into a shop I hope that you stop & think about these definitions, really think about it and go to bed with a mirror and wake up to yourself.

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  1. oh well said Jenny. How FRUSTRATING!!! I get so annoyed too about people who have no regard for what they do. There's a few choice words I use for those sorts of people that I will not use here.

    Fingers crossed it's a first and only



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