Monday, May 17, 2010

1st Birthday report

We had a lovely day on Saturday. A huge thank you to all that popped along to wish us well. I would also like to thank all the well wishes from everyone on our website and facebook pages. i really appreciate everyones support. The Shop is 1 year old. Where did that time go. The celebrations started through the week with our radio interview. Did you know that "sausage sandwiches on a cold morning will warm the cockles of your heart"? I said that in the interview.... yes I did, what was I thinking. I am still laughing about it today.
I would like to thank Country Hope for holding there fundraiser BBQ out the front on Saturday. It was so great to have these guys involved in our day. They are a local trust that provides family centred support to country children diagnosed with Cancer or other life threatening illness. I haven't had to use the organisation personally but I know of families that have. I feel that the work that these guys do is second to none and throw my full support behind them. If you would like to donate or find out more about them, check out there website on the link above.
Last but not least a huge thank to the very special people in my life for sharing the ride of the past 12 months. x

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